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It's always a good day for a new tattoo.

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Meet Shelby!

Upon entering our lovely studio you might have the privilege of meeting our precious Shelby! Shelby works at the coven 4 days a week helping us keep up with the chaos! She is an absolute pleasure to have and if you’re reaching out to the shop, it’s probably her helping you find a spot for a tattoo! She is our ultimate nature goddess, she loves everything plants and pets! We thank the tattoo gods every day for bringing Shelby into our paths, she has been our very good friend since the beginning of our tattoo careers and we hope you get the pleasure of meeting this sweet soul ♥️

In our cozy lobby you’ll find physical portfolios for all of the artists, feel free to stop in and check them out if you’re trying to find the perfect artist for you. Take one of the business cards provided in the lobby to reach out to the artist you’d like to do your next tattoo, or have a chat with them while you’re in the shop. Our shop is also full of shop merch and other things our artists sell, including tattooed Barbie’s, paintings, painted saws, bracelets and plants!

Tattoos are forever, so put your trust in the right studio.

We understand that getting your first tattoo can be unnerving. Our studio hopes to eliminate the unease you feel by making the process fun and easy for you. We are not as intimidating as you might picture a tattoo studio to be, we are relaxed, fun and easy to talk to! We gladly welcome you to our shop and we’ll answer any questions you have regarding your dream tattoo. Below are some of our amazing suppliers, feel free to check them out, I know you’ll love them as much as we do!

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